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Calendar of Events for 2017
Tentative Dates
(Subject to change according to the weather)

July 12 - White Pine Library day at the orchard
                Dr Pol Book signing 6:30 pm to 8 pm (contact library to RSVP 989-831-4327)

July 22 - Animal Enrichment Day - A day to give back to the animals


Dried fruit – A healthy snack and a good food item to hide in a coconut or puzzle feeder 
Milk Bones - Natural tooth brush! 
Pig Ears – Sort of like beef jerky for us. 
Cheerios – A great treat for the marmosets & lemurs. 
Mixed nuts in the shell – Good for all sorts of animals from birds to mammals! Fun cracking the shell – fun eating! 
Pasta - The birds love raw pasta. 
Peanut Butter – Almost everyone – from zookeepers to birds – love peanut butter! 
Canned or Dry Cat Food – For the fox and the bobcat. 
Ear Corn – For the all the birds
Marshmallows – For the Marmosets
Meal Worms—For the fennec fox and hedgehogs
Beef Heart—For the kookaburra birds


Cuttle Bones – Birds use it sharpen their beaks. 
Dog toys – The Foxes love to play. 
Phone books – Great to rip apart! 
Play Balls – The horses and the donkey like to play too. 7” or bigger. 
Large and Small Parrot Toys –For the birds to keep active
Perches- For the birds to hang around on
Plastic Infant Toys—For the lemurs, fox and birds .

Monetary donations are accepted too!

September 16 & 17 - Pick your own apples 
                            Wagon Rides out into the orchard - Camel Rides - Kids town

September 30-October 1 & October 7-8 - Fun days on the Farm
                            Wagon Rides to the pumpkin patch - Camel Rides - Kids town

October 21 - Great Pumpkin Day 
                            Wagon Rides to the pumpkin patch - Scarecrow Stuffing

November 25 - Holiday Pictures with Santa and the reindeer
                            Photos by Wells Photography

Melvin getting ready for the egg hunt.
Fresh homegrown strawberries.
Jeb and Mary Lou picking apples.
Betty Jean and Melvin stuffing scarecrows.